Welcome to the Veterinary Specialty Pharmacy of Asia

VSRx is the first and only compounding pharmacy specialized in veterinary medications in Hong Kong.

Our veterinary compounding service allows veterinarians to broaden their prescribing capabilities, offering medications that are patient-specific, without being restricted only to off-the-shelf medicines. By collaborating with veterinarians, our registered pharmacists will work to determine the appropriate dose and the most suitable and effective delivery system for the patient, e.g. oral liquid, flavoured chew, capsule or transdermal gel.

High Quality, Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

All of our products are produced by using high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a state-of-the-art, purpose built compounding facility. Our skilled pharmacy team is specifically trained in veterinary compounding. Each prescription is prepared with a multiple check quality control protocol, and all our operations are in compliance with guidelines set forth in the United States Pharmacopeia and Hong Kong’s pharmaceutical legislations.

VSRx provides compounding for sterile and non-sterile products, as well as consultation services on the use of compounded medications and other drug related issues. We are committed to quality patient care and dedicated to veterinary-only compounding. Veterinarians and clients can be well-assured that their compounded medications are safe, effective, and high quality products.

By providing medications that are customized for animals’ needs, VSRx strives to improve the safety, reliability, and efficacy of medications that are administered to animal patients and contribute to the advancement of veterinary medicines and healthcare in Hong Kong.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Pharmacy Director of VSRx

Jennifer Tse

Pharmacy Director of VSRx

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